By Anya Arnold On July 10, libraries should complete the following steps before NOON* Change Display logic to: Hide service General Electronic Service with Service = Illiad if exists service Resource Sharing Request with Resource Sharing System=Alma Hide service Resource Sharing Request with Availability by the institution = true Then check in Primo to ensure … More GO LIVE STEPS!!!

How to Edit Your Resource Sharing Form

Role needed for this: Fulfillment Administrator Go to Fulfillment > Fulfillment Configuration > General > Other Settings. Find the setting rs_use_new_mashup_form and set to “true”. After changing this setting, you may now edit your form. Under Fulfillment > Fulfillment Configuration > Configuration Menu > Discovery Interface Display Logic > Resource Sharing Form Customization. This only … More How to Edit Your Resource Sharing Form

CSU+ With the GTF

Just because the series of Zoom training’s is over doesn’t mean you can’t get help from the GTF. If you have questions, or want some more hands on training, please contact any of the members of the GTF. Anya Arnold, CSU — aarnold@calstate.edu Christopher Lee, CPS – clee168@calpoly.edu Dawnelle Ricciardi (Co-Chair), CSO – dawnelle.ricciardi@sonoma.edu Gretchen Higginbottom, CFS – ghigginbottom@csufresno.edu … More CSU+ With the GTF