Conference Agenda 2017

This is a draft of the conference agenda to see what we are planning for the conference. Because this is a draft there is a possibility that the information could change, although this is very close to the final version. If you see anything incorrect please let the Conference Planning Committee know! Agenda

ILLiad Group Maintenance for CSU Statistics

Joe Adkins from San Francisco State University came up with a great system to gather CSU statistics for both Borrowing and Lending. This is a fairly fast and simple solution to an otherwise complicated issue. Using the Group Maintenance tool in ILLiad new groups can be made to gather specific statistics in the ILLiad Web … More ILLiad Group Maintenance for CSU Statistics

Statistics Using the ILLiad Custom Request Search

When collecting departmental statistics there are many wonderful tools you can use. Many people use the ILLiad web reports, the OCLC online statistics, and the Rapid ILL reports. All of those web reports provide quick and clean reports for almost any situation you will need, but ILLiad has another tool for complex or unique statistics … More Statistics Using the ILLiad Custom Request Search

COLD Reaffirms Their Commitment to Alma Resource Sharing

The Resource Sharing Governance Task Force is reminding all members of the CSU Libraries that in April 2016, the Council of Library Deans voted unanimously in support of the following 7 recommendations related to resource sharing: COLD agrees to a “CSU first” model of resource sharing in which the 23 libraries commit to lending and … More COLD Reaffirms Their Commitment to Alma Resource Sharing

New Statistics Form

The Statistics Committee has created a new form for this year’s statistics. This form adds a few new questions and is in a new format. Please fill out the form for the 2015-2016 fiscal year by February 3rd because this information will help the GTF configure the initial Resource Sharing ROTAs in Alma. The form can be … More New Statistics Form

Website Statistics 2016

The “new” website has grown a bit since it launched in fall 2015. Relevant content from previous websites has been migrated, many updates have been posted, and more and more people are visiting the website. Between August and December 31st, 2015, the website was viewed 911 times. In 2016 the website was viewed 6,221 times … More Website Statistics 2016

Stress Relief at the Kennedy Library

By Christopher Lee All of us at Cal Poly SLO have received a lot of questions about the stress relief programs at the Kennedy Library. We currently have two programs providing stress relief to two different demographics. The Take5 program, formerly known as Stressbusters, provides activities for our library patrons to unwind after a long day … More Stress Relief at the Kennedy Library