Steering Committee


The purpose of the Steering Committee is to provide leadership for the I-SPIE Representatives Group and its committees.

Committee Objectives

  • Continuously evaluate the role of the Steering Committee, other committees, task forces and I-SPIE Representatives group for relevancy and currency.
  • Oversee development and progress of each Committee and Task Force.
  • Recommend methods of implementing goals deriving from I-SPIE conferences.
  • Recommend and implement methods for improving communication and cooperation between the Steering Committee, other committees, task forces, and CSU ILL units as a whole.
  • Consider the most cost effective ways to bring the CSU ILL I-SPIE Representatives, committees and other ILL staff together, virtually or in person to foster continued communication and development of common practices and concerns.
  • Recommend major structural and content changes to I-SPIE Representatives group.
  • Bring to COLD’s attention ILL continuing education opportunities and areas where additional training is desirable.

Committee Members 2016-2017

Danny Soares (Chair), CSJ –
Debbie Blair, CS1 –
Felicia Cousin, CNO –
Holly Richmond, CPS –
Jesi Brubaker, CDS –
Joseph Adkins, CSF –

Committee Members 2015-2016

Jesi Brubaker –
Felicia Cousin –
Darlene Nowak –
Dawnelle Ricciardi (Chair) –
Holly Richmond –
Danny Soares (Scribe) –

Minutes 2015-2016

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