Statistics Committee


The purpose of the Statistics Committee is to investigate, evaluate, and establish uniform standards for the collection and reporting of CSU system-wide Interlibrary Loan statistics.

Committee Objectives

  • Provide a guide to collecting statistics for the entire consortium.
  • Gather ILL borrowing and lending statistics concerning fill rate, turnaround time, and any other statistics deemed necessary.
  • Process raw data into an easy to read form such as a statistics report and graphs.
  • Submit finished statistics to the Web Committee to have it posted to the I-SPIE website.

Committee Members 2017-2018

Astra Gleason, CSA –
Deb Childers, CTU –
Gretchen Higginbottom, CFS –

Committee Members 2016-2017

Christopher Lee, CPS –
Gretchen Higginbottom, CFS –
Kimberley Smith, CFS –
Wil Weston, CDS –

Committee Members 2015-2016

Christopher Lee –
Kimberley Smith –


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