Conference Planning Committee


The I-SPIE Conference Planning Committee plans and organizes Consortium conferences. The members of this committee will consist of a group of volunteers representing various campuses throughout the CSU System.

Committee Objectives

  • Meet regularly for approximately one year prior to each annual I-SPIE conference for the purpose of planning and organizing the conference.
  • Select a CSU campus as the site for the annual conference, in consultation with the I-SPIE Steering Committee. NOTE: A representative from the host campus will be a member of the Conference Planning Committee.
  • Select the dates and times of the conference, in consultation with the I-SPIE Steering Committee.
  • Invite all CSU/ILL staff to provide input on priorities and topics of interest to be presented at the conference.
  • Identify and arrange for speakers and presenters for training, workshops, presentations and small group sessions.
  • Create a schedule/agenda and send to the ILL list in advance of the conference.
  • Work with the conference site staff to provide information on travel, transportation, lodging and dining options near the campus.
  • Send registration forms and information to the ILL list in advance of the conference.
  • Work in consultation with the I-SPIE Web Team to post continual updates to the conference website.
  • Arrange for optional evening social activities, dinners, etc.
  • Approximates and works within a budget.
  • Prepare a summary of results/feedback for use in future conferences.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the conference and recommend enhancements for future conferences.



Committee Members 2016-2017

Cassandra Swartzwelder, CPS –
Christopher Lee, CPS –
Holly Richmond, CPS –
Juvette McNew, CSB –
Karina Zamarron, CSB –
Priscilla Ortiz, CSB –

Committee Members 2015-2016

Jesi Brubaker –
Cassandra Swartzwelder –
Gretchen Higginbottom (Chair) –
Arturo Mendoza –
Dawnelle Ricciardi –