I-SPIE Members Retiring

With the end of June comes the bittersweet retirement of two I-SPIE members. Julie Reuben and Lina Carro are moving on to the next exciting chapters of their lives.

Julie has been with Stanislaus for 21 years as the ILL Coordinator. Julie has been an active contributor to I-SPIE and has served on many committees and groups through the years, including the web committee that designed, edited, and implemented the current form of the I-SPIE website.

Lina is retiring from Humboldt State University where she has worked for 24 years, 18 of which have been with the library.  She worked as the ILL Lending Coordinator and she has served on as a valuable member of many groups including the GTF where she helped us prepare for Alma.

Pictures from Lina’s retirement party were shared by her coworkers. You can access the photos here:

One thought on “I-SPIE Members Retiring

  1. Congratulations to my long time colleagues, Julie and Lina. Both have helped make San Diego State Interlibrary Loan look good over the years and I thank them. Appears the old ILL is giving way to the new, more dynamic CSU ILL. Though I know you both will miss some of the excitement, I’m confident Life Part II will be just as rewarding. I look forward to that myself.


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