Resource Sharing Functional Committee

With the unification of the CSU libraries a consortia level governance structure has been set up to help guide policies, configurations, and advancements of our libraries. Six functional committees oversee different areas of the library community and a coordinating committee made up of the six committee chairs, members of the Council Of Library Deans (COLD), and the Chancellor’s Office (CO) help keep all the groups working together.

The CSU+ and ILL community will be guided by the Resource Sharing Functional Committee. This group will take on the responsibilities that the Governance Task Force filled before Alma and Primo went live. The group is made up of a CO representative and members of the ILL community appointed by their Deans and colleagues for their exceptional work and experience in ILL. The members are as follows:

The Functional Committee will also make recommendations, guides, and clarify policies. Many of these items will be written up below.


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