CSU+ Shipping

To physically show our new unified attitude the CSU system has matching red bags and flip cards. The flip cards will hopefully increase shipment speed and reduce the amount of ink and paper used by each library. To use the flip cards simply print them, cut each pair of labels out, and fold on the dotted line to make a double sided card. At the moment we are not doing a unified lamenting project, but we do recommend you either laminate the folded card or print on thick paper such as card stock and tape the card closed. The idea is to reuse these cards, so the more durable the better.

To access the flip cards print out your library’s document in the link below:


To print two labels to a page, and make them the correct size, make sure to use these printer settings:

  • Page Sizing & Handling -> Multiple
  • Pages per sheet -> 2
  • Uncheck -> Print on both sides of paper


If you have any questions, concerns, or problems with the cards please contact Chris Lee at clee168@calpoly.edu.