CSU+ Cancellation Email

Sometimes people request an item through CSU+ that cannot be filled for one reason or another. In this case the request will go through the whole rota and eventually automatically cancel and send out a cancellation email. This email can have a link to a pre-filled ILLiad request so our patrons can ask for this item from a library outside the CSU system. Below are links to the directions and letter coding developed by Orbis Cascade to set up this letter.

CSU Directions

In the directions for the letter there are a few points that are misleading. I have edited most of the code so you only need to worry about the text in blue. Simply copy all the code on this page and paste it into the letter after this line:


<td><xsl:call-template name=”recordTitle” /> <!– recordTitle.xsl –></td>


Text to Copy:

<xsl:if test=”notification_data/request/resource_sharing_request_id != ””>


                                                    <td><xsl:variable name=”title”>

                                                       <xsl:value-of select=”notification_data/phys_item_display/title” />                                                         


                                                   <xsl:variable name=”author”>

                                                       <xsl:value-of select=”notification_data/phys_item_display/author” />                                                         


                                              <xsl:variable name=”isbn”>

                                                       <xsl:value-of select=”notification_data/phys_item_display/isbn” />                                                         


If you would still like to request on Interlibrary Loan (10-12 days) use the following links:


                                                  <a href=”PUT YOUR ILLIAD URL HERE?Action=10&amp;Form=30&amp;url_ver=z39.88-2004&amp;rfr_id=onesearch&amp;rft_val_fmt=info:ofi/fmt:kev:mtx:book&amp;rft.genre=book&amp;citedin=OneSearch&amp;rft.btitle={$title}&amp;rft.aulast={$author}&amp;rft.isbn={$isbn}”>Interlibrary Loan</a>