Alma Institution Codes

In Alma, codes beginning with 01CALS show what school loaned a CSU+ item. Alma uses its own three letter code for each institution. The codes are listed below:

Account Code Institution Name
01CALS_UBA Bakersfield
01CALS_UCI Channel Islands
01CALS_CHI Chico
01CALS_UDH Dominguez Hills
01CALS_UHL East Bay
01CALS_UFR Fresno
01CALS_FUL Fullerton
01CALS_HUL Humboldt State University
01CALS_ULB Long Beach
01CALS_ULA Los Angeles
01CALS_MAL Maritime Academy
01CALS_UMB Monterey Bay
01CALS_MLM Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
01CALS_UNO Northridge
01CALS_PUP Pomona
01CALS_USB San Bernardino
01CALS_SDL San Diego State University
01CALS_SFR San Francisco State University
01CALS_SJO San Jose State University
01CALS_PSU San Luis Obispo
01CALS_SOL Sonoma State University
01CALS_UST Stanislaus
01CALS_USL Sacramento
01CALS_USM San Marcos