Policy Task Force


The purpose of the Policy Task Force is to provide suggestions for consortium wide ILL policies and procedures in preparation for the ULMS project.

Committee Objectives

• Gather current ILL policies to find common policies.
• Create surveys for voting on possible policies and procedures.
• Process votes for common policies and interpret comments and concerns for additional refining of new policies.
• Provide information for CRSP and the Steering Committee.
• Create a policy guide for review.

Committee Members 2016-2017

Arturo Mendoza, CFS – armendoza@csufresno.edu
Debbie Blair, CS1 – dblair@csusm.edu
Holly Richmond, CPS – hrichmon@calpoly.edu

Committee Members 2015-2016

Joe Adkins – jdadkins@sfsu.edu
Jesi Brubaker – jbrubaker@mail.sdsu.edu
Astra Gleason – gleasona@csus.edu
Christopher Lee – clee168@calpoly.edu
Arturo Mendoza – armendoza@csufresno.edu
Lorraine Quintero – quintero@mail.sdsu.edu


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