Knowledge Sharing & Mentoring Committee

A proposal for this committee was submitted to COLD in April 2016. The proposal for the committee is posted below:

CSU I-SPIE Knowledge Sharing & Mentoring Program Proposal

I-SPIE recommends strategies that share and expand knowledge of resource sharing across the CSU system. In addition to sharing information on the website from those attending various ILL conferences and workshops, there is a need for Deans to support and sponsor ILL staff visiting other CSU ILL offices for hands-on-learning to better understand variations in workflow and share best practices. There are several models for this type of professional development, mentoring, and networking.

The least expensive is a form of pair & share, scheduling in visits so that staff are able to visit one other’s ILL shop, essentially 23 visits, beginning with a pilot program of 6 to 12 visits. The more expensive models incorporate assigning mentors, assigning mentoring visits, followed by the mentee visiting an ILL shop, and/or regional group meetings at various libraries.

Site visits in either system likely include; basic observation of borrowing, lending, and document workflow, with notes taken about lessons learned or shared during observation. Upon completion of the site visit, the visitor would share their notes with the I-SPIE website and sponsoring Library Dean.

Proposed visit structure:

  1. I-SPIE develops a basic template checklist for visits: With approval and funding from their respective Library Deans, ILL will coordinate travel and hosting for their visits. I-SPIE will maximize the impact of visits across the system by collecting checklist data from program participants and making it available as a report to share with COLD and I-SPIE. The program’s proposed start date would begin in Fiscal Year 2016-17.
  2. Pre-visit questionnaire would include questions such as:
    • What Library do I want to visit?
    • Proposed schedule and cost sent to Dean
    • Why I want to visit that Library’s ILL shop?
    • What I hope to learn from this visit?
  3. Post-visit report would be sent to the respective Library Deans and posted on I-SPIE website. Data collection for the pilot program would be presented at I-SPIE 2017.
    • What I learned at… e.g. new workflows, streamlining techniques, new resources, furniture/layout, or ILLiad settings. Encourage taking photos and including them in the report.
    • Changes I implemented as a result of the visit, including how implemented, e.g. templates, routing rules, etc.
    • Changes I plan or would like to implement…
    • Ideas I shared with the Library…
    • Knowledge sharing and mentorship experiences will be presented at the I-SPIE annual confrence
    • Assessment: Collation of checklist data from program participants and making it available as a report to share with COLD and I-SPIE to assess the program

Committee Members 2016-2017

Astra Gleason, CSA –
Dawnelle Ricciardi, CSO –
Jesi Brubaker, CDS –
Lina Carro, CHU –
Shawn Heiser, CSF –

Committee Members 2015-2016

Lina Carro –
Astra Gleason –
Gretchen Higginbottom –
Dawnelle Ricciardi –


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