Notes on Tipasa

By Dawnelle Ricciardi, Sonoma State University

Hi Everyone,

In March, Gretchen Higginbottom and I went to the OCLC Interlibrary Loan conference in Jacksonville Florida. This is the conference that used to be called the Illiad conference, but last year and this, OCLC focused on presenting information on Tipasa, the cloud-based platform that will replace Illiad. Although people presented on a variety of topics, these are my notes on Tipasa:

OCLC has a website for transitioning:

You will need to log in with your WorldShare credentials, but then you’ll have access to the Tipasa road maps, member discussions, recordings, newsletters, etc.

OCLC has a plan for implementation which includes a 60-day migration, and relies on a cohort model. They provide a syllabus, weekly office hours, and access to the Tipasa Community Center. OCLC will configure your library’s authentication first.

As of March, Tipasa was not yet working with Rapid or scanner software. Third party integrations are on their road map, but are not functional yet. OCLC is calling for an API advisory group, and the IDS Project has people working closely with OCLC to help set these up, so that ultimately Tipasa will be customizable the way Illiad is, and workflows can be automated. OCLC also wants to form a developer conference. NCIPS are on the road map, but not until 2019/2020.

Right now, Tipasa does not show the detailed history that we are used to seeing in Illiad, listing who did what at each stage of the request. And in lending, the “Reasons for No” are not customizable yet.


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