CSU+ Flip Card Experiment

Hello I-SPIE,

While working on generating Flip Card templates we ran into a snag with the barcode. The barcodes provided by Tricor contained a one time use tracking number and we needed to create barcodes without that piece of information. We had the data, but needed a way of generating the barcode itself in Word. So we scoured the internet and found an add-on that promised to do the trick. This gave us a test code, but we still needed to confirm that the code would scan before sinking more time into creating the Flip Cards. Thankfully, I had a helper who wanted a trip to Fresno to visit her new friends from I-SPIE…

No babies were actually zipped into bags (that’s a pillow in the bag)

With a test Flip Card printed and a package to ship it was time to test. We gave the bag to our driver and a triumphant beeping told us the bag successfully scanned! Now we just had to wait and see if the information in the barcode would get Lilith to Fresno to see her I-SPIE friends!


Arturo Mendoza got the book in almost no time at all!

The bag safely made it to Fresno the very next day! Art and Marissa were happy to flip the Flip Card over and send it back to San Luis Obispo! So far everything was working perfectly!

Less than 24 hours later Holly got our shipment from our Tricor driver and look what she found!


Holly received the bag the next day!

The bag had successfully gone there and back again without a hitch. Now that we know the cards work I will finish configuring all the data for the templates. We will have the templates to you fairly soon!


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