Welcome New ILL Staff!

Hello I-SPIE

Join me in welcoming Marissa Lopez to CFS ILL. She will be in ILL full-time as the lending coordinator.

Over the last few years, Marissa has been helping us part-time while also working in circulation as the LINK+ coordinator, among other duties. LINK+ was moved to circulation when the library was under construction and has remained there since we’ve moved back into the new building early 2009.

With the sun setting on LINK+ for the CSUs and other local changes in some services, the decision was made to move CSU+ to ILL. Marissa will be the lead for CSU+ for our library.

Some of you may have met her at the Sonoma or Fresno conference. She will be joining us in San Luis Obispo as well. So you’ll have a chance to (re)introduce yourselves soon.

She has been added to the I-SPIE listserv, but for your records her email address is: marilopez@mail.fresnostate.edu

We’re in the process of setting up her phone in the department. Her number will be 559-278-2090. In the meantime, if you need to speak to her, please call the department’s main number at 559-278-3032.

Thank you,

Fresno State University, CFS


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