CSU+ With the GTF

Just because the series of Zoom training’s is over doesn’t mean you can’t get help from the GTF. If you have questions, or want some more hands on training, please contact any of the members of the GTF.

Anya Arnold, CSU — aarnold@calstate.edu
Christopher Lee, CPS – clee168@calpoly.edu
Dawnelle Ricciardi (Co-Chair), CSO – dawnelle.ricciardi@sonoma.edu
Gretchen Higginbottom, CFS – ghigginbottom@csufresno.edu
Julie Kowalewski Ward, CSJ – julie.kowalewski-ward@sjsu.edu
Jesi Brubaker, CDS- jbrubaker@mail.sdsu.edu
Lina Carro, CHU – lina.carro@humboldt.edu
Stacy Caron (Co-Chair), CFI- scaron@exchange.fullerton.edu


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