COLD Reaffirms Their Commitment to Alma Resource Sharing

The Resource Sharing Governance Task Force is reminding all members of the CSU Libraries that in April 2016, the Council of Library Deans voted unanimously in support of the following 7 recommendations related to resource sharing:

  1. COLD agrees to a “CSU first” model of resource sharing in which the 23 libraries commit to lending and borrowing of returnables and e-resources within ALMA as the first tier of their resource-sharing model. [This recommendation means that  CSU Resource Sharing departments will use the Alma Peer-to-Peer Resource Sharing functionality.]
  2. COLD asks the CO to commit to hiring a permanent position that will continue indefinitely post-migration, dedicated primarily to supporting resource sharing among the 23 libraries.
  3. COLD agrees that third-party ULMS integration for INNReach (Link+, Circuit, Rapid-R, IDS, and other products) is a local decision, the cost of which will be borne at the local level.
  4. COLD asks the CO to implement ALMA-to-ILLIAD functionality for all 23 libraries.
  5. COLD agrees to the CRSP budget request to fund a consultant for ALMA resource-sharing to help advise and guide the CSU libraries through the ULMS migration process.
  6. COLD agrees to a budget request to fund a communications campaign prior to the ULMS launch to build buy-in and awareness of the ULMS and new resource-sharing services.
  7. COLD agrees to establish a governance unit within COLD to advise the CO on resource-sharing practices, policies, and procedures, and serve as a voice for the CSU libraries on issues related to resource sharing.

These core ideas are based on recommendations from the Committee on Resource Sharing and Preservation (CRSP), which were also endorsed in principle by I-SPIE and have been adopted as guiding principles by the Resource Sharing Governance Task Force.

Questions or concerns about these recommendations should be directed to the Resource Sharing Governance Task Force.


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