Website Statistics 2016

The “new” website has grown a bit since it launched in fall 2015. Relevant content from previous websites has been migrated, many updates have been posted, and more and more people are visiting the website. Between August and December 31st, 2015, the website was viewed 911 times. In 2016 the website was viewed 6,221 times total. June was the most popular month with 1,118 views, possibly because everyone was getting ready for the I-SPIE conference in Fresno. The homepage was the most visited page, probably because all the updates are posted there, with 1,348 views. The next highest viewed page was the 2016 I-SPIE Conference page with 457 views.

From August 2015 to May 2016 the website had only one international visitor, from an IP address in the United Arab Emirates, but things changed last June. While most visitors to the website are located in the United States, the website has had a steady stream of international visitors from all over the globe from June on.

map-and-countriesIn 2016 the website had visitors from 19 countries, not including the United States. Part of the increase in traffic may have been due to other websites linking to I-SPIE. Our web hosting service shows us when links to our website are used. While there are the expected links from CSU created websites, there are also links from social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, and links from other universities and from the Amigos ILL group.

With international visitors, and links to I-SPIE popping up on unaffiliated websites, I-SPIE is sharing information with the larger library community. When we share ideas we are not only helping other members of our CSU community, but we are potentially helping librarians around the world. So please, continue sharing ideas to help the ILL community grow!


One thought on “Website Statistics 2016

  1. Thanks to Chris Lee and the ISPIE Web Committee, we now enjoy a professional, informative, relevant vehicle that represents the CSU ILL Team. Remembering the folks who were instrumental in the original concept of CSU Interlibrary Loan folks meeting face to face to find common solutions to the problems we all face on a daily basis, I can say they would be very proud of the direction this organization has taken during the last few years. CSU paraprofessional staff have definitely stepped up to the twenty-first century challenges and made me, as one of the not quite original old timers, extremely proud to be one of the Team.


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